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CryoLAN Mini @ QCC (30 Seat BYOC Lan Party)

CryoLAN lives again at Queen City Conquest!

This event will be a 30-seat BYOC LAN parties held at no additional fee for the attendees of Queen City Conquest.

Events for CryoLAN@QCC

Event 1:
Kerbal Space Program: To The Moon and Beyond!

For the duration of the LAN party portion!

What to expect:

Play Kerbal Space Program for fun and profit! A list will be posted of goals that players can achieve to win cash and other rewards!

Examples of goals include:


Start Time:

End Time:

Removed From Play - Live From Queen City Conquest

We are a Buffalo based video gaming podcast that airs Tuesday's on Megascorcher.com. Removed From Play could easily be described as video gaming culture all in one. Reviews, interactive segments, articles from gaming websites and we push the limits of what a gaming podcast can be, we also try to bring the LOLZ. With show hosts @Mac19pm, @Cthulhu,@supersonic, and @Eli we want nothing more than to just talk geek and gaming. We try to deliver one of the rawest, realest, internet web show there is out there. So come on down and watch us do a live show from Queen City Conquest!


Start Time:

End Time:

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