WarHammer 40k 6th Edition 1500pt Tournament

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Game System: WarHammer 40k 6th Edition

Day: Saturday, Septemeber 22nd
Time: 1pm - 9pm (multi-time slots)
Points Limit: 1500pts
Rounds - 3

Tournament Format:
Players will be matched up randomly in each round. Every attempt will be made to ensure that groups that travelled together do not have to play against each other.

The only exception to the above rule is that players should never play the same opponent twice in the tournament. If, for some reason, a player is paired with someone whom they have already played, the T.O. should be notified. In this rare situation the T.O. will move players so that no delays in game-play occur.

Pairings will be announced as soon as they are determined. Each player is expected to arrive at their assigned table on time and ready to play. Players should be conscience of time and strive to complete their games within the time allowed. Anyone found slow playing or deliberately stalling for any reason will be penalized.

Players will receive Results Sheets at the beginning of the event. Each Results Sheet must be filled in properly after every match to ensure that matchups and points totals are correct. Once Results Sheets are completed at the end of the event, they are to be turned in to the T.O. so that scores can be recorded.

Each game will be played on a 4’X6’ table with fixed terrain. The position of terrain is pre-determined and should not be moved for any reason. Depending on the round, objectives may be pre-set by the T.O.

Time Limit:
This tournament will consist of 3 games. The time limit for each game will be 2 hours. The T.O. will announce a "15 minute warning" before the end of each round. At the end of the round, time will be called; all players should stop whatever they are doing, the game is over immediately. This is sometimes referred to the "Dice Down Rule."

Between each round players will be allowed a short time to rest, eat, etc... This time will depends on several factors and thus will be announced duing the event.

Army List:
Upon arrival at the event the T.O. will collect one copy of each player’s army list. All copies of player’s army lists should have their name and codex on them. Throughout the day army lists will be checked for point’s accuracy. If the T.O. finds any errors in the list, that player will be approached by the T.O. and his score will be penalized for the errors (up to and including disqualification).

All lists should be typed or written very neatly. Players are required to make sure their lists are readable and accurate. Armies must follow all the restrictions on the army selection of their own current codex. Players should remember that the point limit for the event is set in stone. Players can not go over this limit in any way.

General Rules:
When a new codex is released, the newest version of the book will be the only one used as long as it was released at least 1 month prior to the event.

Forge World models are permitted, however no Forge World rules are allowed.

All proxied models must be authorized by the T.O. prior to the start of the first match. If a model is not a fair and easily reconizable representation of its GW counterpart it will not be allowed and the player who brought it will be forced to play without it.

Models are NOT required to be fully painted however, they must be fully assembled and attached to the appropriate base (if applicable).

Due to needing to be deployed before other terrain, players will not be allowed to purchase and/or field any of the buildings that a standard game of 6th allows.

The ALLIES rule will be allowed (except of course for Tyranids).

Game Length and Victory Conditions:
Games will be played for the full 2 hours, or until an outcome (win/loss/draw) has been reached.

Victory Conditions will be determined by the mission being played and will be listed on the Results Sheet.

Ties will be broken by secondary and tertiary objectives.

Mission Briefings:
All missions will be played according to the Warhammer 40K 6th Edition Rulebook and will be announced at the begining of the event by the T.O. The mission and deployment for each round will be listed on the Results Sheet handed out at the start of the event.

At the end of the tournament, there will be an Awards Ceremony to highlight the achievements of the day. All the participants are asked to stay for the entire event. The following prizes will be awarded...

1st Place - Most Wins
2nd Place - Second Most Wins
3rd Place - Third Most Wins
Best Sportsmen Award - Highest Sportsmenship Score
Best Appreance Award - Most Player Votes (single model)

Player Materials: 

-Your army/miniatures
-4 copies of your army list (which must be typed or neatly written)
-Your current codex
-F.A.Q for your current codex
-6th Edition Rulebook
-Tape Measure
-Templates (as needed)


Duration and Start Time:

Start Time:


WIll this event be using 6th edition rules, since it releaes in 2 days?

Vertabreaker's picture

I updated the tournament info to answer this question, and to make the event and its rules more clear.

Does that include Aegis defense lines? Or just the buildings you can buy?

Was the date changed for this event? If so when were we going to be notified? I cannot make Saturday, how do I get a refund if this has changed? Thank you.