I'm interested in running a couple of games if u still need GM/DM!!!

Baron, I've sent an email regarding this.

What time do game masters need to be at convention to get tabels and do we get any kind of break for the convention cost just curious. Im realy looking forward to this I figure you will probably have more of an idea when it gets closer. Thankyou so much for having the site and abition to do this.

Willis, GMs can show up as early as noon on Friday. If your event has been submitted at the Event List, then we will have a table reserved for you.

GMs can use their reward tokens to get reimbursed for their badge and tickets, or to buy swag at the vendors. See the GM Rewards section for more details.

How/where do I submit an event?

To submit an event, first log in with your account. If you don't have an account yet, just create a new one. We don't spam your email, so no worries there.

When you are logged in, click the 'Event List' tab. You will see a list of events. At the very top you will see a link that says 'Add an Event'. Click that link to get to the event submission form.

When you have submitted your event, you will be able to see it in your 'My Events' section of the Event List form and make changes to it, to correct any mistakes or typos. Once it is approved, it will be visible to everyone, and people can start buying tickets for it.

Also, be sure to review the GM Rewards information, under the 'Information' tab.

Thanks for helping us out by being a Game Master. We definitely appreciate it.

Hey me and a small group of my friends are passionate about board and card games like Ticket to Ride, Catan, Dominion, etc. and are wondering if it would be worth it for us to attend and play games like this with new people. We're not as interested in the tabletop miniatures and RPGs we see offered that you need tickets for, so was wondering if the concentration is really on those games or if there will be like-minded people to play boxed games with.

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There will be a library of games and a couple of game companies represented (Steve Jackson, ours...) where you can try out new games or play some old standards.

I'm in the same boat (not interested in the miniatures, RPGs). Went to this last year and there seemed to be more planned board games, but they do offer a giant library of games that anyone is welcome to check out games for free. Just pull up a table, let people know you're playing and people will join. Pretty laxed environment. I'm hoping it goes well.

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All of the events I want to participate in have tickets available, but nowhere to sign up. How do I register? I am a kickstarter and have epic level events I want to play.

Registration for events closes a week before the convention opens. At this point, any remaining seats are available on a first-come, first-seated basis. For any events you are interested in, but that you didn't get a ticket for, show up and if there is a seat available, it is yours.