[Attendee Email] Everything Queen City Conquest!

Attendee Email

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Greetings, Gamers!

I know you have all been waiting for a long email about everything
important for QCC. That email is finally here! It took awhile to get it
cleared through the proper sub-space channels.

For those of you who have participated in our Kickstarter project this
year, you should see all of your backer rewards listed under your order
history on the QCC website. If you don't see that for any reason, feel
free to reply to this email and let me know. We'll sort out any
outstanding issues.

If you missed the kickstarter, I am pleased to announce that badge and
ticket sales are officially open. We have badges for single days, the whole
weekend, and our special USB VIP badges, including a ton of gaming
materials. Badges can be purchased at
You can see a full list of our ever-expanding event list at
http://www.queencityconquest.com/?q=event-list Select an event to get a
ticket, and reserve your seat at one of our amazing games.

There are multiple events available that involve our special guests, John
Wick, Robert Schwalb, Alan Patrick, and Greg Marks.

John Wick will be hosting several events including a House of the Blooded
LARP, his immensely popular 7th Sea game, and a Play Dirty seminar.

Robert Schwalb's Dinner and Dicing event will allow participants to
talk with the Demon Lord himself in a more intimate setting, and then play
in a session of Shadows of the Demon Lord.

Both Alan Patrick and Greg Marks are bringing their special Author Only
adventures. And, new this year, we will be hosting one of the last
opportunities to participate in the Season 4 D&D EPIC. This event takes
place on Saturday night, and it will involve all of the players from
multiple tables participating in a single adventure to remove the evil
dragon Vorgansharax from the city of Phlan.
The call for volunteers to help out with this special event has gone out.
If you are interested in helping with this event, or any other D&D AL
adventures, fill out the form at http://goo.gl/forms/uLjTvWxodLpSAFsr1

If you are more interested in running your own event, you can submit a new
event at http://live.queencityconquest.com/?q=node/add/event and if you
want to volunteer as a staff member, check out our sign-up page at

Our official QCC merchandise is also on sale at
http://www.queencityconquest.com/?q=shop. Check out this year's Shirt,
Hat, Waterbottle, and Con Die!

Our Live Charity Auction will be taking place again on Saturday Night,
during the dinner break. All of the money raised by the auction goes to
benefit Child's Play Charity and the Women and Children's
Hospital of Buffalo. Our team is going to be offering sneak-peaks of some
of the items to be auctioned off as we get closer to the event, so keep an
eye on our facebook page and website.

We still have a few hotel rooms available. If you want a place to stay that
is across the street from the convention center, you can reserve a room in
our hotel block by going to https://aws.passkey.com/e/14402709 Staying at
the hotel makes it really easy to party with the Con Director after we
close the doors each night in the hotel's bar and lobby area. You
might see a random special guest hanging out there as well.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope you found it informative. Set your
phasers for Fun and I'll see you at the QCC!

-Mark Knapik
Captain of the USS Enterprise and Con Director.