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The Queen City Conquest (or QCC) is a gaming convention, taking place Sep 9 - Sep 11, 2016, at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. We welcome all types of gaming, including Role Playing Games, Board Games, Video Games, War Games, and more. Join us for a fantastic weekend of gaming enjoyment. This is our fifth year, and we are looking forward to another great convention with you.

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-Mark Knapik
Convention Director

Vendor: Kate's Beads

Welcome back, Kate's Beads!

Returning for a second year, we will have Kate Ayotte, selling bead sprites from all of the video games that you know and love. Kate does custom orders and commissions for very reasonable prices. She even made a custom QCC Logo for us while at the convention. Be sure to check out her table, and find your favorite sprite.

2013, Year of the Sparkling Die

The dice are ordered and the rumor is these dice are made from the remains of sparkling vampires after they've been staked and smashed to bits. Tell us what you think.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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Special Hotel Deal

Right now, we have 4 hotel rooms left in our room block. To help fill them up, we are offering a special deal. The next person who buys a hotel room gets their weekend badge for free, as well as up to 3 badges for people sharing the room with them. This is probably the best deal of the year we are going to offer, so don't miss out.

In addition, if you are the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th person to reserve a room, you get 1 free badge for the weekend, just because we think you are awesome. Hope to see you there.

Reserve here: https://resweb.passkey.com/go/queencityconquest

Vendor: Ruthless DeeVersions

We have just signed up a new vendor. QCC welcomes Pete Figtree and Kelly Figiel of Ruthless DeeVersions. They will be selling games from Precis Intermedia, NDP designs, Bully Pulpit Games, Magpie Games, Chronicle City, and Post World Games. Dice bags and fiction by Tristan Tarwater and Mitch Davis will also be available.

Hotel Rooms for Game Masters

I need a few good Game Masters to be Guinea Pigs for me.

I'm trying to set up a system where I can provide shared hotel space for Game Masters that run 5 or more games (20 hours).
For now, I want to restrict this to games that we are certain will draw in 5-6 players or more. LFR and PFS are the most likely candidates.

If you are interested in getting a free hotel room on Friday and Saturday night, and are willing to run a lot of games, contact me and let me know.

Asking the Obvious

Last year for this convention, I was making all the decisions, and doing most of the heavy lifting for pre-con planning. I don't want to in any way overlook the amazing efforts put on by my team during the con, or what they did beforehand, but I think I can safely say I took on the lion's share of the work in the planning phases. I intentionally did this because I knew in future years, I would need to be able to direct others to perform those same tasks. I would make a very poor leader, if I didn't understand the task at hand.

Special Guest: Matt James

Matt James is an ENnie award-winning game designer and owner of Vorpal Games. He has designed game products for Open Design, Paizo, Wizards of the Coast, and numerous small companies. His works include Soldiers of Fortune (Midgard Campaign Setting), The Ultimate Equipment Guide (Paizo), Into the Unknown: The Dungeon Survival Handbook (WotC), Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale (WotC), Lair Assault: Attack of the Tyrant Claw (WotC), Fortune Cards: Drow Treachery (WotC), and many numerous articles in Dragon Magazine, Dungeon Magazine, and Kobold Quarterly.

Special Guest: Sean Patrick Fannon

Sean Patrick Fannon (aka "The Big Irish Gamer") was born in Tennessee (January 4th, 1966) and raised in Georgia. He has lived and worked in Binghamton, NY; San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA; Raleigh, NC; Jacksonville, FL; Chattanooga, TN; Columbus, OH; and most recently he’s moved to the world-famous "Rocket City," Huntsville, AL. He is 6'1", of large frame and build, with black hair, green eyes, and a penchant for really cool hats.

Child's Play Charity Raffle

We will be raffling off several packages of gaming materials. Every penny spent on raffle tickets will go directly to help Child's Play and the Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo.

Raffle tickets will be available at the registration desk during the convention, or you can buy tickets here.

More details about what products will be available will be posted here as we get them.

Winners will be announced Sunday at 12:30.


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