Welcome to the Queen City Conquest!

The Queen City Conquest (or QCC) is a gaming convention, taking place Sep 9 - Sep 11, 2016, at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. We welcome all types of gaming, including Role Playing Games, Board Games, Video Games, War Games, and more. Join us for a fantastic weekend of gaming enjoyment. This is our fifth year, and we are looking forward to another great convention with you.

We're on Facebook. Let us know you're coming!

-Mark Knapik
Convention Director

[All] Last Day for QCC Badges Online

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Hey, Folks!

Today is the last day you can buy your badge for QCC at the discounted
online price. After today, you will have to pay full price at the door.

Hope to see you all there.

-Mark Knapik
Convention Director

The After Party

We are having an after party for the convention this year.

As soon as the doors close, we are all going to stagger over to Pearl Street Brewery to relax, swap war stories, and let our dice cool off over a cold beer.

Join us for the party. We'll have room for everyone.

Sunday, people will start arriving between 5 and 6, and stay until we get tired of looking at eachother. This will be a pretty low-key event. If possible, we may even get Sean Patrick Fannon to tell the Danny Boy story.

See you all there.

Convention Layout

This is a rough idea about what the convention layout will be

Online Badge Sales Through Friday the 23rd

This is just a quick reminder that Badges are available online at the discounted price through Friday the 23rd. After that, you will have to buy at the door for full price.

Save yourself $5, and buy online. Use the money you saved to buy your Game Master some pizza. They deserve it.

[All] Queen City Conquest 2013

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Hello, Gamers!

This is a friendly reminder that Queen City Conquest is a month away. This
year, it takes place August 30 - September 1, at the Buffalo-Niagara
Convention Center.

Our event list has exploded with gaming awesomeness. We have an amazing
list of Role Playing Games, Board Games, War Games, Video Games, and Card
Games all on the docket this year.

Hotel Rooms

I'd like to offer a quick reminder that we have a special group rate set up with the hotel attached to the convention center.

You can become part of the deal by clicking this link and making your reservation: https://resweb.passkey.com/go/queencityconquest

We only have a handful of rooms left, so please be sure to make your reservation soon.


We've had a lot of new magic events pop up lately. We now have magic going on during the entire convention, so if that is your game, you can play all weekend long.

Check out the full list on our Event Page. Just filter for CCG(Collectible Card Games) to see everything that is going on.

Welcome UBCon Attendees!

I'm sure more than a few of the folks visiting us today are from UBCon.

We purchased the back-cover of the UBCon booklet, and I'm sure many people saw it and are checking us out. We'd like to welcome you all to our gaming convention. QCC is a gaming convention, where we welcome all kinds of games. RPG, Board Games, Card Games, War Games, and everything else. We are family friendly, and run by a professional staff. We're looking forward to gaming with you.

Vendor: Chenille MACABRE

QCC is proud to welcome Chenille MACABRE to the list of Vendors this year. AmpuTheatre was a smashing success last year, and this year, they are back, and they are offering their truly twisted monsters, miniatures, and figures to you, for all of your gory needs.

Vendor: Jar of Dreams and Chainmailling by Night.

Queen City Conquest is proud to welcome back Jar of Dreams and Chainmailling by Night.

These two vendors feature chainmail and gaming related jewelry, for that special someone in your life, or for your own enjoyment.


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