Welcome to the Queen City Conquest!

The Queen City Conquest (or QCC) is a gaming convention, taking place Sep 19 - Sep 21, 2014, at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. We welcome all types of gaming, including Role Playing Games, War Games, Board Games, Collectible Card Games, and more. Join us for a fantastic weekend of gaming enjoyment. This is our third year, and we are looking forward to another great convention with you.

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-Mark Knapik
Convention Director

Hours of Operation

Our Hours of Operation are as follows:

Friday - 10AM - Open to Vendors for setup.
Friday - Noon - Registration opens to the public.
Friday - 1PM - First event starts.
Friday 11PM - Closed for the night.
Saturday - 7:30AM - Registration opens.
Saturday - 8AM - First event of the day starts.
Saturday - 11PM - Closed for the night.
Sunday - 7:30AM - Registration opens.
Sunday - 8AM - First event of the day starts.
Sunday - 5PM - Convention shuts down.

Charity Auction

We will be hosting a charity auction at Queen City Conquest.

All money collected will be donated to Child's Play Charity, specifically to the Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo.

Large Size T-Shirt Pre-Orders


If you want a T-Shirt larger than XL, you will need to order it by 12 Noon, on August 28th. After that, the only sizes available will be Sm, Md, Lg, and XL. Please order yours now, if you will need a larger size!

We have to pre-order these sizes due to the advance notice needed by our shirt supplier. Thank you for your understanding. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Pre-Order Here: http://www.queencityconquest.com/?q=node/278

Help Our Friends at Cheapass Games

Cheapass Games has set up a Kickstarter at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cheapassgames/unexploded-cow-from-ch... for a new game. Take a few moments to give it a look, and pledge your support if you like what you see.

Pre-Registration Closes Sept. 10th

Pre-Registration will only be available until Sept. 10th. After that, all sales will take place at the door. Badge prices at the door will be $15. Pre-Register now for the low price of $10.

To Pre-Register, click the Get A Badge link to the left.

Crunch Time

Hi, folks. It's me again.

We need you to purchase your badges and event tickets for the convention.

I don't like posting these messages, but they are a necessity. We've just made payment for all but one of our expenses with the ticket/badges sales we've had so far. Unfortunately, the last expense is the biggest one; the Convention Center itself. Payment for the convention center is due in just 4 short weeks. This is our crunch time.

Again, we need you to purchase your badges and event tickets, so we can make payment on the convention center.

Taking a look at the QCC: Savage Worlds

Savage Worlds is arguably the 3rd biggest RPG in the market place these days and for good reason. It takes the flexibility or GURPS and makes it much more playable. It looks simple on the surface but is like an iceberg with the depth of play it can bring to the table. It puts a new spin on traditional gaming by using dice types as stats and brings some Indy sensibilities with bennies being a currency able to mold the story in some small ways. All these reasons plus many fine publishers putting out settings and supplements give a wide variety of gamers reasons to play Savage World.

Taking a look at the QCC: The Badge

Hey folks. Chris Sniezak here again with a QCC update. I just wanted to encourage all you folks to get yourself a badge to our convention of conquering conquest. Oh you have questions. Let's hear em.

What do I get for just my badge?

Taking a look at the QCC: Special Guest Tracy Hurley

This month we're looking to make a splash with the Queen City Conquest. I'll be posting a variety of blurbs about games being run at the con, the people that will be there, interesting going ons, and answering any questions I am able to. To start this off I give you one of our guests, Tracy Hurley AKA Sarah Darkmagic.

Faery's Tale: Blood, Sweat, and Fears

I love the movie Willow, especially the brownies, and old shows like David the Gnome and the Smurfs. I wondered from time to time how I could play a game similar to those stories and in those worlds. Well now I can with Faery's Tale. I found a review on RPG.net by Christopher W. Richeson and the first paragraph describes this game so well so I thought I'd include it here:


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