Welcome to the Queen City Conquest!

The Queen City Conquest (or QCC) is a gaming convention, taking place Sep 9 - Sep 11, 2016, at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. We welcome all types of gaming, including Role Playing Games, Board Games, Video Games, War Games, and more. Join us for a fantastic weekend of gaming enjoyment. This is our fifth year, and we are looking forward to another great convention with you.

We're on Facebook. Let us know you're coming!

-Mark Knapik
Convention Director

Special Guest: Robert J. Schwalb

Robert J. Schwalb

Game designer and developer, Robert J. Schwalb hit the ground running in the roleplaying games industry over 10 years ago and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. With over 200 game books, magazine articles, digital articles, and a novel to his name, his design can be found in three editions of Dungeons & Dragons, Dark Heresy, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, A Song of Ice and Fire RPG, Star Wars Saga Edition RPG, Witch Hunter: The Invisible World, Numenera, The Strange, and in numerous other RPG products.

[All] The Kickstarter Is Live!

You were sent a group email from http://live.queencityconquest.com/.

Hello friends,

In the past you’ve either attended or been curious about the Queen City
Conquest. Now it’s back for its 5th year and we’re going on an odyssey
of gaming this year. There will be swashbuckling in the 7th Sea. There will
be D&D of Epic proportions. There will be Demon’s, Paranoia, Fate,
Savagery, and any other kind of descriptor you can throw at a game. But we
need your help to take us beyond the stars and the QCC 2016 Kickstarter is
the way you can help.

[All] QCC is Closed for the Season

You were sent a group email from http://live.queencityconquest.com/.

Hey, folks.

Thank you everyone who came out to see us this weekend. It was a fantastic
event, and we enjoyed every moment of it. Yes, despite the growling and
surly looks, I even enjoyed the hugs.
The world burned down around us, with construction, cars getting towed, and
a 5K marathon all conspiring to stop us from having our weekend of fun. But
somehow, we managed to survive it all and keep the human race going. Ok,
maybe just a small subset of the human race known as Gamers, but we're
still here, darnit.

The Charity Auction

Hello Gamers,

As you know, the apocalypse draws near, the end of times where you must Roll for Your Life! We are working hard to bring you the best apocalypse you could dream of while also preparing the way for a better tomorrow. Last year, our charity auction raised over $1000 to benefit the Buffalo Women and Children's Hospital through Child's Play, and we're going to do it again--but we can't do it without your help.

[All] 3 Weeks Until QCC

You were sent a group email from http://live.queencityconquest.com/.

Hello, Gamers!

This will be the last email blast of the year. As you may know, we only
out 2 or 3 emails like this a year to avoid spamming our attendees.

We've got 3 major announcements to make.

First, Badges for the convention will be available for the next 2 weeks. If
have not yet purchased your badge, please, do so now. You save $5 by buying


Game Master Badge?

Queen City Conquest does not currently offer a discounted or free badge for Game Masters. However, that doesn't mean you aren't going to be rewarded for your time spent as a Game Master.

QCC rewards our GMs differently. For each slot during which you are running a game, you will receive Reward Tokens for every player at your game.
Each Reward Token is worth one dollar at any of the vendors at QCC. Reward Tokens can also be cashed in at the Registration Desk, to get reimbursed for your badge, hotel room, snack bar food, t-shirts, or other merchandise you have purchased.

Special Guest: Curt Covert

Curt Covert

Curt Covert is the owner of Smirk and Dagger Games.
A company dedicated to the belief that "games are more fun when you stab a friend in the back".
As a 12-year veteran in the board game industry, Curt is the designer of a line of wildly fun 'backstabby' game classics including Cutthroat Caverns,
A graphic artist, promotional marketing professional and inventor of other licensed toys and games, including Crayola 3D Outdoor Sidewalk Chalk, Curt knows the ins and outs of both the hobby game and mass market game industries.

Special Guest: Andy Hopp

Andy Hopp

Andy Hopp is an award-winning illustrator, author, and game designer. He is the illustrator of the children’s books Cliffourd the Big Red God and Where the Deep Ones Are by Atlas Games, as well as the creator of the Wanderers Guild, and the illustrator of dozens of RPG books, card games, and other products.

[All] Badges, Tickets, and Staff

You were sent a group email from http://live.queencityconquest.com/.

Hey folks! Hope those of you that were at Gen Con have recovered by now.

We are a month and a half away from Queen City Conquest! Badges and Tickets
have been available for awhile now on our website, but I want to make sure
everyone knows that they are out there. We really need you to purchase your
badges as soon as possible. Remember, you save $5 by buying them online,
instead of buying them at the door.

Staff Sign-Up is Live!

Several people have asked to be Staff for the convention. Now you can!
Go to http://live.queencityconquest.com/?q=node/add/staff-sign-up and sign up to become a staff member!
If you get an 'Access Denied' message, it just means you need to sign in first.


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