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Weekend Badge - All Access Pass for the entire time the convention is open.
Day Pass - All Access Pass for a single day of the convention.

Either type of badge grants you access to the convention, vendors, open gaming areas, seminars, and other open events.
All other events have limited seating and you must obtain a ticket for that event. Tickets for most events are free, with your badge purchase. Any event ticket with an extra cost will indicate that cost on the event page.

The convention is open during the following times:
Friday, September 9th: Noon - 11PM
Saturday, September 10th: 7AM - 11PM
Sunday, September 11th: 7AM - 5PM

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All Weekend


Shawn Orrange's picture

Every great Con starts somewhere and someway.
Gen Con started somewhere....
Dragon Con started somewhere....
Someday, all of you will say, "I was at the 2nd Queen City Conquest."

Of course, by that time it will have moved to Chicago.

It won't happen.

I'd have to change the name and everything if we went to Chicago.
Windy City Conquest just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Do I have a badge already? I was under the impression that when I made a donation during the Kickstarter campaign that 1 of the fringe benefits was a weekend admission badge. If the is so, how do I get it so I can register for events?

AngeGor, if you were a kickstarter backer, you should already have a badge in your account.
If you do not, please contact us using the 'Contact' tab near the top of this page.

Otaku-sempai's picture

I have only ordered one badge but I am being charged for two!

I sent an email to the address linked to this account regarding your badge issue. Please email me back if there are further issues.

Ruth West's picture

Any idea why my badge purchase says 'pending' after two weeks?

Pending is the status that our system uses to indicate that your order has been placed, and paid for, but not delivered.
This is what you want.
It will continue to say this until the convention starts, when your badge will be available for pick up.